Solomon IS Logistics Support

Food Procurement and Distribution

We can procure, deliver, and serve food where and when you require.

In the past we have catered for large groups of people, sometimes based in remote locations for long periods of time. For example, we provided meals, catering and supplies for over forty French personnel whilst they were operating in ‘Santa Cruz’, an extremely remote location, for over two months without the need for re-supply. The availability of this service was a key to the viability and success of the ‘La Perouse’ discovery expedition.

In the Solomon Islands we distribute tons of food each month to all parts of the country utilising our customised landing craft which are able to access otherwise difficult areas.

Medical Services

Silentworld recently provided the shipping and logistics support for a medical team organised by Aspen Medical and the Solomon Islands Government as part of the drive to eradicate malaria in the Solomon Islands. The mission lasted three months with a further follow-up month at a later stage.

Solomon Star

The Solomon Star is a 22 metre live-aboard dive/research catamaran. She is spacious both inside and out with good work areas. All rooms are fully air-conditioned and have en-suite toilets and showers, adding to the degree of comfort.

Solomon Star boasts a large storage capacity which is excellent for long expeditions. Being a catamaran, her manoeuvrability is greater than that of a mono-hulled vessel and she is relatively stable while at anchor. This facilitates delicate work with microscopes and other sensitive equipment.

Aviation Services

Silentworld has access to helicopters and fixed wing aircraft in various configurations, dependant upon your requirements.If hundreds of people need to be moved or require medical evacuation, we can assist in providing the right solutions. On-ground support and handling is also a speciality.

Recent works completed:

Secured helicopter and fixed-wing requirements for visiting VIP to the Solomons from Australia.