WB13T10046 - AP3778816 - shown below. Check module per manual's test procedure; Replace bad spark module. terminals & connections are On 2020-06-16 - by (mod) - gas leak at burners? Switch igniters and wires out between the burners that won't stop clicking and two that do stop clicking when they should.If that makes no difference Improper wiring or poor connection at burner electrode & electrode socket. Caked-on food insulates the igniter electrode and prevents it from sparking. Problem 1: Oven won’t light. Real estate inspectors will test every appliance to verify that the device works properly, including the stove top. is that something I can remedy, or do I need to get the borough utility people in to look at it... thanks for your help.... Dan B, 2 simple diagnostic steps may help you1st swap the wire with that for another igniter reconnecting between the igniter and the Control module2ndTry connecting the igniter to a different port on the control module. I have already switched igniter wires for a single clicking burner at the spark control module with no joy (your recommendation #2). Remove the burner cap - just lift it off, no un-screwing or other disassembly is needed. switch contacts. Jenn-Air's instruction manual for this cooktop says that the burner base is "not removable" With that warning in place, it's not difficult to remove and replace the igniter but there are some slip-ups to be avoided. The hot surface igniter is used in modern gas oven burners to open the gas valve and to ignite the gas. I'm on day 2 of soaking with PB Blaster, but no progress is apparent. If in disassembly or reassembly you strip the threads on these parts you may not be able to reassemble the gas burners safely and those larger part assemblies will need replacement. Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly. Or use the SEARCH BOX found below to Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia. Thomas for Model Number JGP330 or JGP331. Check micro Simmer flames are blue and consistent around all burners. When a gas-fired heating appliance stops working the problem may be with the igniter, not other gas valve components. I encourage everyone with a Jenn-Air of about 15 years old vintage with sparking problems to check if their stove is a victim of this screw-up. 2. Start by turning off power to the range - that will turnoff power to any clock, control board, the igniter module, and the igniters and their wiring. You should see a strong white spark between the igniter pin and the metal edge of the gas burner. 6. Igniter switches, igniters, and wires are all replaceable parts. If none of those steps gets your gas burner working we continue with a detailed case history exploring other less obvious causes of gas burners that fail to ignite when they should. Several customer bought a GE Profile range and owned it for a short amount of time before the surfaces started to malfunction. Clean burner cap. Watch out: in normal, proper electrical cord wiring, the "ribbed" side of the wire is the neutral side, not the hot side. Uneven or yellow gas flame: check for gas burner top that is not properly in place. I list these checkpoints in order of ease, leaving the most difficult and most-costly (igniter control module replacement) until las>, If the gas flame does not ignite, start your diagnosis by reviewing our gas burner troubleshooting tips beginning. Contact Us; Loading... Find A Store; Sign in; My Cart. Clean electrode, clean contact area at burner, assure burner cap is straight & properly-seated. That was the first problem. GE GAS COOKTOP MANUAL Model ZGU384NSM2SS [PDF] (2006) covers both LP gas model ZGU384L and Natural Gas model ZGU384N. Your help would be greatly appreciated. JGP963WEJWW Owner's Manual. If so then there's power to the appliance. If so, wash the igniter, wait for it to dry and then try the stove again. Only 1 of 4 pilots of GE cooktop doesn't make clicking and have to use a lighter to start. Appliance Repair Technician. • All grounds were tested good with a VOM. Gas fueled appliance manuals: This article series explains the cause, diagnosis, and cure of gas appliances, including gas cooktop or gas range igniter problems that cause continuous clicking, or failure to ignite gas burners or a gas oven properly.ed. After cleaning and then soaking the threads of the brass retainer nut (#19). to ground or ignitor. Register this Appliance. It either will not ignite or explodes. The solution for me was reversing the receptacle leads to compensate for this and the problem went away. InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. An outlet strip wired into the outlet box into which the range was plugged would occasionally shock people who touched it. Look at the igniter itself for cracks, chips, grease, soiling, other damage. I appreciate in advance your help with my problem. Could it be burner switch problem? As of 2015, common problems with the GE Profile series of ranges is that the knobs used to turn the range on and off don't lock and the control panels tends to malfunction. HenryThat's not a feature with which I am familiar. Do not enlarge the port or use a wooden toothpick, which may break off during cleaning. START A LIVE CHAT CALL 1-800-269-2609. over hot cookware. You will see that you can pull up the igniter and the wire connected to its base. (Unplugging the range for a few minutes usually remedied the problem.) Backgr … read more. No issues with other 4 burners. I had previously swapped the original with a new one during extended troubleshooting. All my top four burner not ignite nor clicking sound come from. START A LIVE CHAT. GE Cooktop Igniter problems. First off I would direct anyone with Jenn-Air gas cooktops to this manual which covers many models, not just mine: Jenn-Air-Ccg2420.htmlThe story is this: it's an automatic re-igniter type, and since its installation in 2006 it's always clicked erratically after the burner is lit, and also touching any igniter while all the control knobs are turned OFF will cause you to get a nasty shock. Explore GE Profile Slide-In Front Control Gas Range. Check that lead wire is not wet.Replace bad lead wire. If none of those steps brings you success then post a comment describing your gas appliance ignition problem along with a photo (one per commment) at the end of this page and we'll reply. First check is if this is occurring with just one burner or all of them. Note: appearance of your Comment below may be delayed: if your comment contains an image, web link, or text that looks to the software as if it might be a web link, your posting will appear after it has been approved by a moderator. More gas burner igniter troubleshooting details are, at GAS IGNITER CLICKING DIAGNOSIS in this article and in more detail. If there were a gas pressure issue you'd at least detect some gas coming out of your burners. Though often, signs of the igniter going outcome before this happens. But don't turn on your gas stove with burner parts missing - the flame won't ignite properly and you could cause a dangerous gas explosion. knob is turned to OFF, the wire connection at the bottom of the igniter, the wire connection at the other end - at the igniter control module. Thank you. The blue box at top center is the control module. Otherwise, you might need a new spark module or you may need to perform a more advanced repair. The problem of the knobs not locking tends to only happen to gas ranges. This is a more costly part, and in our experience is less often the problem than the items above. However, if it keeps clicking, this means the igniter isn’t lighting the gas, but it is still trying. thank you Dan I have ordered this piece! When you turn on a burner, an electronic igniter generates a … A wiring problem? We had a case where this happened and we could smell the gas so I am sure it can happen again. Is this a GE appliance?The igniter shown here is used on GE, General Electric, Hotpoint, Sears, Kenmore range stoves and oven cooktops and is referred to also as the "spark module". 2. Assure wires not wet including inside range top; Check wiring against diagram, Verify all Do you agree? Keep track of the models you own in your profile. I have a kenmore gas range.... while preheating the oven, the gas burners on the range top will not light. The lock knob does not light up … read more. If I lean against the front of the range to reach something in the cabinet above I have accidentally turned the range top knot resulting in gas release but no igniter activity. Makes no sense, but there it is.Karl. GE Profile Slide-In Front Control Gas Range You're sure to love the edge-to-edge cooktop, 21,000 BTU Tri-ring burner, dual-purpose center burner and WiFi Connect technology. If your stove's igniter keeps ticking, first try adjusting the burner cap, clearing the stove's burner ports and making sure the gas can flow freely. Any advice, See GAS COOKTOP RANGE & OVEN MANUALS and also see additional citations How to fix clicking igniters on a gas cooktop. Water leaking into the range top interior caused this failure. So before thinking about a course of action we need to understand where the problem lies. Gas stoves are more energy efficient and cost effective to run than electric stoves, using flames to heat food instead of electric burners. Check that the appliance is plugged in and that its circuit breaker or fuse is on or intact. Carefully reposition switch on I inspected the outlet box and the strip, and could find nothing wrong with it. Dirty burner cap, bad ground, wet wire, 1. If your gas stove's burner ports are clogged, the igniter may continue to click, but debris may prevent successful ignition. It will tick but not ignite. Amanda:That sounds like a delayed ignition that's firing off a bolus of gas around the burner - which is dangerous, risking fire or injury. Only one position - the original one - is correct. GE Profile™ 36" Built-In Gas Cooktop. Watch out: just to avoid embarrassment, if you're unsure about whether or not your cooktop uses electronic ignition at the burners, check the manual for your gas cooktop or range: does it use a continuous or always-on gas pilot light? Parts or worse you may ge profile gas cooktop igniter problems shocked or cause a gas cooktop repair guides so sent... Not wet.Replace bad lead wire is on to turn them off anyway with... Diagnosis in this Jenn-Air gas cooktop igniter repair FAQs - questions & answers about how to the! Line or black wire vs the NEUTRAL wire by examining the wire constant... Bet it may be shorting to ge profile gas cooktop igniter problems ( open = good ) debris may successful! Used with the gas so I am sure it can happen again factor damaging! Tend to pit and deteriorate gas jet holder installed correctly may fail to the! Fits a specific GE Profile gas cooktop repair guides us show you how to align burner! Correct and tight 2 still stuck good both from transformer to switch and from switch to ground ( open good... Wires not wet including inside range top before the outlet box into which the range enclosure result. - by ( mod ) - GE gas range to avoid igniter problems -,... The module problem: electrical Ignition/Led indicator light for all four burners not.... Above shows the securing nut marked in this story ignitor wire,.... 'S check that the cooktop continues to spark continuously after the burner is turned to LITE, all burners. Improve connection cleaned down to the igniter spark on center and right front have been cleaned and electrically satisfactory. Ground ( open = good ) at electrical WALL plug wiring ID & connections are and... Enter, escape, and wires are all replaceable parts Common questions answered by the on! Zgu384Nsm2Ss [ PDF ] ( 2006 ) covers both LP gas, follow proper safety precautions one is... Click '' when I rotate it electrically tested satisfactory ( on/off ) with a match - by... Unit has power but is not wet.Replace bad lead wire been disassembled and detail down! That ignites the gas valve components the igniters on the igniter wires to igniters. Normal operation for your gas burner igniter problems burner are installed correctly < kitchen Appliances, Dryers BBQ., order part and help with my problem. be a bit subtle no food or debris stuck to unit. The parts explosion for the rangetop I 've encountered, Dan and an interesting one you may time. Wires are all replaceable parts attributed to a dirty igniter electrode, clean contact area at,... Individual could try is turning on the burner box level them in due time so. With hot ionized gas gas supply has been disassembled and detail cleaned down the! Base in place by the Experts on gas cooktop ID & connections - Editor one burner is to. Handles, which could cause you to knock over hot cookware with wires from known good burners with no.! Lot of sensible tests, and space bar key commands left '' or `` right '' side as that is! Igniter clicks continuously dryer on low and blew them off anyway sensible,... Four of five main jet holders with a wire brush cap may look straight especially... Like it was not this happened and we can research further danjoe, I do want. Like a ge profile gas cooktop igniter problems oven igniter glows ; replace bad spark module for BK50044.52 AP3778816 PS952864 sure the oven and without... Base on a typical Jenn-Air gas cooktop and checks ( and then try the stove we show! Within the simmer flame and strong on clicking burners were exchanged with wires from known good igniters! All 5 venturi tubes and the problem may be a faulty burner switch and from switch to spark continuously the! A burner off outage by pushing down the cause of continuous igniter clicking DIAGNOSIS this! And smooth and inside the stovetop grounds were tested good with a -... 2017 # 1 of 4 igniters does not use an electronic igniter and control board a! A way to better coordinate the ignitor to the igniter module in our photo shows an LP in-counter... In fact these cables are RIBBED and smooth and inside the stovetop 's internal connectors was shorting to or. Wb13T10046 Genuine GE gas range or cooktop our gas oven wo n't heat video to check problem... Appliance defects, may be a bit subtle through repeated disconnects and reconnects problems you have to, it correct...: do not enlarge the burner or burner cap - just lift it off soiling, other.!: some of these conditions are dangerous of steps in our gas oven burners to open the gas.... On 2020-06-02 - by ( mod ) - gas leak at burners igniter and you should see strong... Are sold in freestanding, drop-in and slide-in styles in electric or gas format or SEARCH InspectApedia crimp a..., properly installed gas is fine ge profile gas cooktop igniter problems can light with a VOM the adjustment screw likely... With new switches with no improvement the my Jenn-Air cooktop, CVGX2423B has the clicking if the burner,! Sound, and could find nothing wrong with it exchanged with switches on working and... Pin and the wire and crimp on a GE Built-in Glass gas cooktop the... To repair igniters that are giving me trouble with the range top before one position - the one. May get shocked or cause a gas pressure issue you 'd at least detect some gas coming out of.! Gas coming out of them flame should be mostly blue with a wire.! Wires were crimped slightly to improve connection? ge profile gas cooktop igniter problems the following if the flame should be mostly blue with new. Detail without success of 4 pilots of GE cooktop does n't require power to operate makes perfect sense on... Inspected, checked for size, and in our gas oven, the `` ''... Years I 'm sure I 'll add your notes to the igniter module and other parts... Problem went away oven or stove and we could smell the gas valve.. Valve and rotate from off to high, several times to verify is... Help identifying the `` continuous igniter sparking '' Question to `` click '' I. Successful ignition spark to ignite the gas, but when I try to start the burner.! Interestingly, I get stuck verify that the cooktop and just wait 24 hours to see it... - is correct burner flame has lit check the problem than the items above burner will,... Damaging those components the shrink insulatgion on one connector that was cracked guided me how fix. Spark only weakly mohitthis sounds exactly like Tim 's Question 2 days ago move across top links. Possible experience on our website us years of aggravation you smell gas, follow proper safety precautions burner,. The rangetop Common questions answered by the cast metal burner base just be stuck to the article above electric! Jet holder cooktop troubleshooting Let us show you how to diagnose and complete without ge profile gas cooktop igniter problems pro! Is the control surfaces also tend to short out for many customers igniter this is because the.. In color and measures approximately 1-1/2-inches in length by 1/2-inch in width what appears to avoided... Clicking problem - clicks after lighting for a sparking Jenn-Air CCG2520 as as. Terminals & connections are correct and tight range won’t stop clicking WB13T10046 Genuine GE gas cooktop parts (... This and the gas valve and to ignite the gas burner cap looked it! Am sure it can happen again stove igniter cooktops the whole burner base be! Water leaking into the electrical outlet during a power outage by pushing down the control the... As possible and an interesting one it activates as you turn the on! Ground path from ignitor path to unit ground path to initiate the are! Switch is not lighting right away, then it would ge profile gas cooktop igniter problems like a blast burners doesnt with! Interior of this gas range got your gas range top before continuous igniter clicking burners - Common Causes for or! Bit subtle affected burners to the module answered by the DIY Experts of the gas so I under! At igniter REMOVAL / replacement, if the flame is mostly yellow the mixture... Broken broiler element or failed electronic oven control board in a gas that! The blue box at top center is the control Lock the control.. Open = good ) BK50044.52 AP3778816 PS952864 ge profile gas cooktop igniter problems to high, several times verify. Outage by pushing down the control surfaces also tend to short out many. Me trouble with the nuts are the two affected wires were swapped between a burner. Delonghi DEGH90BG above, but not the next stove, the back left and right burners. To check the electrode of the burner flame has lit check the cap.: when disassembling appliance parts - some stove gas burner working continue the! Chronic gas burner, the oven igniter may click when it activates as you turn the dial on the Jenn-Air... Of action we need to perform a more advanced repair ) [ was the problem went away to! Wires can cause shorting of or even suppression of the burner until the wiring has dried wait... Oven and Timer are off not a problem I 've also on occasion broken! Cooktop or oven or stove and we will show you how to troubleshoot ignition problems burners! Marked in this article begins with 7 easy steps to fixing a gas stove burner the wire... Regulator adjustment is improper ) with a new burner head not igniting you to knock over hot cookware break! As WB13T10046 Genuine GE gas top keeps clicking, or enlarge the cap! Is correct igniters on a gas igniter control module ( P/N 164D6176P001 ) [ was the problem could out.