var attributes = {}; Breaststroke Timing Progression Drill in 5 Easy Steps! 12:30 - 14:30 (10 & under) 15:00 - 17:00 (10 & over) Price: £60. © 2020 GoSwim TV. Give the drill a slightly different twist by focusing on your HEELS. Step/Drill #2. STEP DRILL – This drill is done during a set of 25s breaststroke. It’s best to try this initially for short distances, and if you have several swimmers in your lane you obviously need to limit your swims to 25s, so that everyone can swim down the middle of the lane. This drill involves a three-step progression — but only ONE focus point. This week’s drill progression is for developing the proper body position in backstroke that works through three drills: Roller Coaster, L drill, and Big Ben. This is a great progression for more advanced swimmers to tap into the forward drive … Breaststroke Alternating Dolphin and Breaststroke Kick THE PURPOSE OF THIS DRILL. params.scale = "noscale" Step/Drill #3. This is simply LONG breaststroke. Breaststroke is the only stroke with a recovery that passes through the water rather than over it, leading to the potential for a great deal of drag. To overcome this drag, the breaststroke recovery must be an active part of the stroke, rather than a resting phase, as in other strokes. Each article includes one or several drills/exercises to be mastered. The higher — or sooner — you connect with the water, the more time you’ll spend in the propulsive phase of the kick. Breastroke drills are important when learning or improving breastroke. For breaststrokers who come up very high to breathe, this forces the hips to … It is greatly appreciated!! 3. Go as far wide as your elbows will go during the widest part of the pull and keep them there, the forearms will do the work and propel you forward. Breastroke drills / introduction. Sep 17, 2020 - Beginner swim workout, intermediate swim workout, advanced swim workout, pull drills for faster freestyle, breaststroke technique drills, freestyle basics, swimming tips for beginners, freestyle basics for beginners, butterfly, underwater dolphin kick, breaststroke kick, sculling, early vertical forearm, flip turns, dryland drills. Below you will find an overview of our series of articles to learn the breaststroke. The current Commonwealth Record Holder in 200m Breaststroke will be helping our young swimmers to improve body alignment & streamlining, a critical factor in improving our swimming speed! Start with a pushoff and pulldown, then start doing underwater breaststroke kick with your hands held behind you. The higher — or sooner — you connect with the water, the more time you’ll spend in the propulsive phase of the kick. var flashvars = {}; All Rights Reserved. When your hands are dragging behind you, it’s important to record in your mind how your legs feel when you’re touching your fingers. Breaststroke is clearly a blend of ideal technique and timing. flashvars.Thumbnail = "//"; While you have to be careful not to expose the thighs and knees TOO much during these exercises, sometimes focusing strictly on minimizing resistance means you’ll miss the power, or propulsive phase of your kick. 2. Most breaststrokers struggle with maintaining a steady speed in the water. Breast Pull with Fly Kick – Focusing on timing (pull… and then kick). params.wmode = "transparent"; How to Fix the Timing in Your Breaststroke. However, over-focus on technique and timing can cause swimmers to ‘go through the motions’ and miss power in their kick or pull. They... 2. The timing in breaststroke is a toughie–fortunately we got Jeff Julian, head coach of Rose Bowl Aquatics, to stop by with his favorite drill for improving it. 6 Breaststroke Drills for a Faster and More Efficient Breaststroke 1. Swimming Breaststroke - Drills Breaststroke - Drills Breaststroke Swim two kicks to every one arm pull with the second kick executed just under the water surface. Stay under as long as you can, making sure you touch your heels on EACH kick. Without your fingers to serve as a guide, you may begin to drop your heels a bit, but try your best to maintain the spot you learned in the previous length. Simply swim one full stroke and whilst keeping your hands together in … Butterfly Drill Progression Example. How are you legs bending, how does it feel in your thighs, your hamstrings, etc. This quick, 4-length progression combines many standard drills into a quick session, focusing specifically on the feet, or getting the … 2-Kick Breaststroke: This drill builds on the prior drills by adding a technically correct pull and breath, but still allows the athlete to exaggerate the straight body line. [embedyt] //[/embedyt], When National Team Member Brendan McHugh thinks about going FAST… he makes sure he focuses on the initial connection with … READ, If you’re still searching for the ideal breaststroke pull, and most everyone should be, don’t be afraid to go to … READ. :)~~~~Please support SwimLifeGuru by using my affiliate links below! Thank you so much for watching! This is a pretty typical drill, but rather than trying to reduce the resistance you feel, try to maintain the height of your heels from Drill #1. Continue to bring them up, and grab the water high in the kick, or close to your rear end. Here is a breaststroke drill progression that will help you improve your breaststroke pull from top to bottom. This shows underwater on back breastroke. Great video. Then repeat. params.base = "//"; flashvars.DefaultRatio = "1.777778"; Swim with high hips. Tips to for swimming better breaststroke: breaststroke drill progression Whereas you previously practiced the breaststroke kick on dry land, you will now practice the breaststroke kick in the water.. To do so, you will use swimming devices, such as swimming noodles and kickboards to help you float in the water.. One Pull + Two Kick – Think timing and guide. Worm Drill on Front – Works undulation. An Official Technique VideoSupplier to USA Swimming. Push off in streamline, then start doing the standard breaststroke drill of 2 Down/1 Up. flashvars.BufferTime = "1.5"; Focus, and learn. Why Do It: Each article includes one or several drills/exercises to be mastered. Perfect Breast Stroke Technique Drill Progression - YouTube By using hand floats and kick boards … To get the most out of your breaststroke kick you need to connect your feet to the water as high up as possible in your kick. Achieve a straight spine and streamlined position. flashvars.Mode = "ondemand"; Teaching Breaststroke Breaststroke is the oldest of the four competitive strokes which has been used for centuries. flashvars.StreamGuard = "false"; Underwater on back breastroke Edit. Breaststroke Drill progression. This is not REVERSE, but rather UPSIDEDOWN and UNDERWATER. How to Improve Your Breaststroke Kick. This is a great drill to continue to work on timing and pair with other breaststroke drills such as 2 kicks, 1 pull or separation drill in a progression. 12 x 25 breaststroke drill on :40 #1: front scull #2: middle scull #3: front to middle scull transition #4: breaststroke pull with flutter kick. Step/Drill #4. Drilling- Seahorse Drill/Scull 1 Pull-2k; 1 Pull -3k 3 full strokes under/3 on top Breast Pull/Fly kick; Fr kick Paddles, no straps Swim with snorkel, face in Timing- Continual work on “Pull -Breathe-Kick-Glide” Should almost be back to the streamline position before the kick. 1. RECOVERY DRILLS. Step/Drill #1. - This video takes a look at some breststroke drills, explaining how to perform each drill and exactly how it will benefit you. Today's video is a breaststroke progression drill to help you perfect your pull and kick timing! Don’t get frustrated if it happens. Breaststroke is the most inefficient and slowest of the four strokes. You can always search through our collection of “Drill of the Week“. Learning to utilize the ENTIRE range of your kick will give you a more productive kick.