Mutton Kuzhambu – Kuzhambu is a curry and pronounced as (koo-lum-boo) in Tamil. Chettinad dishes are well known for their thick gravy and wonderful aroma. கிராமத்து முறையில் மட்டன் கிரேவி/ It is easy to make and only needs commonly found ingredients. Spicy Mutton curry for rice recipe made in a pressure cooker. Non veg days calls mutton, chicken.. & on saturday’s its veggie style! We make this for our breakfast… as a side for idli dosa , poori, idiyappam. Want to know how to prepare pepper mutton gravy recipe at home? In a pressure cooker, add mutton pieces and the freshly ground masala, turmeric powder, required salt with 1/2 cup of water and cook for 3 – 4 whistles or until mutton cooks soft. Keep reading to know how! 5. To make the magic in the food world we proudly present our Mutton Recipes Tips in Tamil. Our focus only to provide the best Mutton Recipes at Ultimate taste with easy Cooking of Mutton Recipes. Once in a month we treat ourselves with some meaty stuff… at home everyone is very fond of goat meat. Simple Mutton Kuzhambu recipe. I pressure cooked mutton pieces with all the spices and a thick masala, this made the mutton so meltingly tender. (30th August 2018) Hi friends, I have not been very active over the internet for the past couple of months. / HOW TO MAKE MUTTON CURRY / TAMIL NADU STYLE MUTTON GRAVY / BIRYANI SIDE DISH / AATU KARI KUZHAMBU / SPICY MUTTON GRAVY / SPICY LAMB GRAVY / MUTTON KULAMBU RECIPE / MUTTON LEG GRAVY / MUTTON LEG CURRY / KARI KUZHAMBU. It is a thin curry that is usually served with white rice. Chettinad Mutton Curry / Chettinad Mutton kulambu is spicy, thick and full of wonderful flavors. Mutton Vellai Kurma is a coconut based gravy… is a usual in our home on sundays. If you have got a little time, let the gravy sit for a while so that the flavours will meld together and taste even more delicious..I served it with plain’ol rice, but this taste equally delicious with aapam, idiappam, roti and paratha. Recipe with step by step pictures. Perfect for weekday dinners. மட்டன் கிரேவி செய்முறை | Originated in Tamil Nadu and Chettinad region, Mutton Kulambu is made using the perfect combination of coconut and poppy seeds that gives this dish a distinct flavour. Soak 9 to 10 deseeded Red … Mutton chunks are marinated in a thick spicy masala before cooking. Once the mutton pieces coated well with the masala, transfer it to the pressure cooker & add enough water to cook the meat. The cooked meat is roasted and seasoned in a mixture of freshly ground spices. So make everyday as your day with our app , different Recipes of Mutton are shown in below • Mutton Gravy(Mutton Kulambu) • Mutton Curry(Mutton Varuval)