However, different breeds will have different genes that code for blue eyes. But this shouldn’t stand in the way of owners looking to make a unique-looking GSD friend. While they’ll often have albino characteristics, such as pink noses and massive areas lacking pigmentation, they often have light blue eyes. And if they have a dappled or merle patterning, they’ll likely inherit blue-tinted eyes. It can be very good with small children and has a good temperament and does well in a large family. For coats like this, special grooming equipment, like this highly recommended deshedding tool from Amazon, is essential for removing loose hair and preventing mats from forming close to the skin. That is, if you’re lucky enough to find one. An estimated two out five Siberian Huskies will have blue eyes, and an estimated 15% will have one blue eye and one brown one. What’s more, we’ve even seen some Pit Bulls with two different colored eyes (as seen in the picture above). We also participate in other affiliate programs and are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Find brown Siberian Husky puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. Everything from the fluffiness, to their erect ears, coat colors and blue eyes are the same. Only on rare occasions do the blue eyes stay into adulthood.Â, Still, blue-eyed Great Danes are truly a beautiful sight to see. While not very common, some Rottweilers are born with either two blue eyes or one blue eye and one brown eye, a condition called heterochromia. The good news is that ethical breeders won’t specifically breed for them. Dalmatians already are more prone to deafness than other breeds, with 30% suffering from hearing loss in one or both ears. Finding a blue-eyed German Shepherd can be tough. Australian Cattle Dogs were created by carefully breeding Smithfield dogs (now considered to be extinct) with wild Australian Dingoes, Collies, and Dalmatians in an attempt to produce the perfect herding dog. This double-merle is associated with an increased risk in health problems for their offspring. Brown puppy siberian husky with blue eyes lying, isolated on a white background. The blue kind represents, “Hope.” Blue Eyed Girl Dog Names J-N. Jadeite: This name is from the gem Blue Jadeite.  =  This breed is highly intelligent with a peaceful, balanced personality. Mastiffs and other related Mastiff breeds such as the Bull Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff, and Tibetan Mastiff sometimes produce pups with striking blue eye color. For dogs in this category, the blue coloring will be bright and clear. In merle patterned dogs, blue eyes sometimes occur though it is considered a major fault in the show ring.  −  Though rare, some blue eyed Pit Bulls have been popping up all over the country. A Basset Hound’s short little legs are packed with power and are built for endurance. I’ve got a Frenchie pup with the BLUEST eyes you’ve ever seen! Blindness and deafness are but a few of the possible effects of a double-merle breeding. If you’ve ever personally come across a dog with blue eyes, then you know firsthand how captivating and alluring the unusual color can be. RECOMMENDED: 3 Wonderful Colors of Boxers, Highlights: Devoted, Affectionate, Confident. Amstaffs come in a wide variety of colors, coat patterns and eye pigmentation. In fact, they can often be found at agility, obedience, and rally trials working off some of their energy and putting their smarts to good use. Some inherit them as a recessive trait, and others as a mutation of other genes. Even so, there’s no denying that this is spectacular and highly intelligent underrated breed deserves more attention. Not every dog of these specific breeds have blue eyes. Although they can be serious chewers, they aren’t aggressive by nature, and some sturdy chew toys will satisfy their strong jaws. An Iris can be a few different colors. Nearly one-third of all purebred Dalmatians suffer from some degree of hearing loss. These dogs are similar in appearance to the Alaskan Husky and the Siberian Husky as both these breeds were used as foundation stock, but these little guys only weigh between 10 – 20 pounds. They can also have brown eyes, one eye that is blue and one that is brown, or blue and brown coloring in both eyes. It’s rare, but some Rotties have either two blue eyes or one blue and one brown eye. Blue Eyes. They are still a force to be reckoned with today due to their large (up to 230 pounds) size and formidable appearance. These strong, muscular dogs have a well-deserved reputation for being excellent guard dogs though when raised and socialized properly, they make fantastic companions as well. Plus, they do great with other dogs and pets. Another herding breed, Border Collies deserve a mention on this list. View our privacy policy here. The AKC breed standard is that eyes may be brown, blue or black; one of each or particoloured are acceptable (complete is heterochromia).These eye-color combinations are considered acceptable by the American Kennel Club. These strong, muscular dogs have a well-deserved reputation for being excellent guard dogs though when raised and socialized properly, they make fantastic companions as well. We feature many types of dogs and it's also free to list your blue eyed puppies and dogs on our site. Most Alaskan Malamutes tend to inherit dark amber brown eyes. Their cheerful, loving temperament and adorable faces are hard to resist. But keep in mind: many of them may experience certain health problems that are typical with the eyes (such as partial blindness).Â, Although Boxers aren’t typically known for their sky blue eyes, it is possible to see this color in rarer cases. While, yes, a blue-eyed Dalmatian looks spectacular, it is important to know that this can be a warning sign for deafness. (We list the best of the best in this article.). Rather, they’re more likely to be a Malamute Husky mix. Beautifully majestic in appearance and calmly patient by nature, the snowy white Great Pyrenees has been revered for centuries. Husky puppies with differently colored eyes will grow into adult dogs with the same striking colors. How rare is it exactly? This devoted breed is known for its high exercise requirements and sweet dispositions – unless you are a small, furry creature, in which case you might be in trouble. He escaped his home only to find himself… Often mistaken for a Labrador or a Vizsla, the gorgeous Weimaraner was developed in Germany in the early 1800s as first a big-game hunter and later as a pointer and retriever of gamebirds. While far from the only blue-eyed dog breed, Siberian Huskies are likely the first that comes to anyone’s mind. It is considered unfair and cruel to intentionally breed two merle dogs that will result in a litter with multiple, major health problems. A Husky with brown eyes might have a slight advantage in terms of eye health over those with blue or light-colored eyes. For example, the Harlequin Great Danes tend to develop blue eyes. When we saw this chocolate brown husky with his amazing bright blue eyes, we knew that we had a long way to go to witness something even close to all that goodness out there. These highly intelligent dogs are intensely energetic and thrive when routinely challenged both physically and mentally. What these breeds lack in stature (they are only about 10 -12 inches tall at the withers) is made up for in personality. The Old English Sheepdog is one of a few breeds who the AKC doesn’t fault for having blue eyes or one blue and one brown eye. Despite their small size, these alert dogs are often used as watchdogs (not guard dogs as they are too small to be be menacing) because of their eagerness to bark at the first sign of trouble and their innate mistrust of strangers. A relatively new breed, one not yet recognized by the AKC, is the Alaskan Klee Kai. What causes it to occur? Puppies with one brown and one blue eye are known as bi-eyed, As Puppies that consist blue eyes speckle with brown, or as this manner, are called split-eyed or part-eyed. You know the one we’re talking about. Usually, though, blue coloring is due to a gene that dilutes the pigmentation of the dogs coat and eyes. In any case, blue eyes are much less common than darker shades, with brown being the most common color among dog breeds. This breed receives its blue eyes as a package deal with the same gene that results in a merle (that is, splotchy) coat. It’s best to consult with your veterinarian any time a distinct change in the eye is noticed so a treatment plan can be enacted right away. Male #1 -black/white (1 blue eye) SOLD Male #2 -white with brown (1 blue eye) SOLD Puppies have their first vaccinations, 2 doses of deworming and have been vet assessed. They’re the perfect fit for the job – literally! Even so, there is a large range of colors seen in a Pit Bull’s eye color. The name Shih Tzu translates to mean lion dog. Though the American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn’t yet recognize merle or blue eyes as acceptable in either breed, it is nonetheless a popular trait and in high demand. ‘Bi-eyed’ Siberian Huskies have one blue eye and one brown or hazel eye while ‘parti-eyed’ Siberian Huskies have irises of blue mixed with another color. She is very affectionate and likes to walk and run along. 7 We also participate in other affiliate programs and are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. However, if you don’t plan on showing your Rottweiler in show competitions, it doesn’t really matter.Â. It’s also worth noting that some Great Dane puppies may start off with blue eyes. Given the breeds on this list, it seems that herding dogs have a tendency toward blue eyes. RECOMMENDED: 10 Best German Shepherd Colors. In rare instances, Great Danes can have blue eyes too. Outdoor portrait of a white and brown Siberian husky dog jumping, standing on hind legs, playing outside in the park. Huskies' almond shaped eyes dazzle in brown, blue or Heterochromia. What’s even more surprising is how intelligent these dogs really are.Â. While brown is the most common eye color found n dogs, some breeds are known for producing bright blue tones. Bicolored eyes on a red Husky puppy look pretty amazing too. All it takes is one mutation or change in their genes to produce unique results. Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. However, did you know that blue eyed Rottweilers exist? Blue eyes commonly crop up in merle pattern dogs and add to the charm of this hard-working, agile, super energetic breed. However, nowadays they are less likely to hunt rabbits and more likely to sit on your lap like the lap dogs they are. Cute Siberian Husky Puppies With Blue Eyes-pictures: Grey and white Siberian Husky Puppy With Blue Eyes: Husky puppies are mischevious and loyal pack animals. Blue eyes fall outside of the acceptable breed standard but do occur and are absolutely gorgeous against the lush, white coat. True albinos are quite rare and are characterized by the complete lack of melanin (color-producing pigment) and the enzymes that produce it. Explore 62 listings for White husky puppies with blue eyes for sale at best prices. Plenty of breeders are responsible and have their dogs’ health in mind. While blue and brown are the most common, huskies can have several colors in one eye, different colors in both eyes and even emerald green colored eyes. Mixes, such as the ever-popular Aussiedoodle may have stunning blue eyes too and tend to shed significantly less than full-blooded Australian Shepherds. That’s a big name for such a little dog to carry, but they seem to manage just fine. Highlights: Energetic, Loyal, Extremely Smart. Female #1 -grey/white (2 blue eyes) Female #2 -white with brown (brown eyes). They are very people-oriented and feel best when raised in homes where there are plenty of people around. They may have had some mixes, possibly with a Husky, way back in their lineage. When blue eye coloration does occur, it is most often a bluish-gray, not a deep blue. And even within those breeds, blue eyes can be hard to come by. The defect is related to the lack of melanin-producing cells (melanocytes) within the ear, and those with small, broadly scattered spots (the “ideal” Dalmatian markings) and blue eyes are associated with the highest incidences of deafness. Whether blue or brown, Dachshunds have undeniable “puppy-eyes,” that can melt your heart with a single look. As an Amazon Associate, earns from qualifying purchases. They are friendly with people and other dogs, though they do have a strong prey drive and may not hesitate to chase small animals. Highlights: Confident, Obedient, Affectionate. Standard & Rare. Male #1 -black/white (1 blue eye) SOLD Male #2 -white with brown (1 blue eye) SOLD Puppies have their first vaccinations, 2 doses of deworming and have been vet assessed. Highlights: Affectionate, Patient, Stable. The coat comes in many colors, and blue-coated dogs, though rare, often come with blue eyes. Female #1 -grey/white (2 blue eyes) Female #2 -white with brown (brown eyes). The cheapest offer starts at £150. Despite their undeserved reputation, American Pit Bull Terriers are incredibly good-natured dogs. Because the Malamute Husky mixes are so popular, the Malamutes with blue eyes may have likely inherited it from a Siberian Husky somewhere along their bloodline. According to the standards of the American Kennel Club, it’s acceptable for a Husky to have blue, brown, or mixed eyes. Blue eyes do occasionally appear in this breed, especially in dogs with a blue coat and nose and those with merle patterning. Due to their energy levels, owners sometimes have a hard time keeping up with them and wearing them out. While the breed standard calls for dark brown eyes, dogs with blue eyes do show up now and then. Still, many breeders see the trait as a fault, favoring a coat and coloring more in line with industry “standards.”. Highlights: Determined, Affectionate, Curious. Training and socialization is critical as these dogs tend to be very wary of strangers. The dilution of pigment in their coat means that there’s a chance that eye pigment will turn out lighter. Note that blue-eyed dogs resulting from a lack of facial pigmentation are not albinos. However, with any desirable trait, there is an increased chance for irresponsible breeding if the breeder has money on the mind. This site is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC. We have all the colors and both genders. The American Kennel Club describes the Siberian Husky's eyes as "an almond shape, moderately spaced and set slightly obliquely." Brown siberian husky with white playing. According to the AKC, Beagles have been America’s most popular hound dog for years. They will love you unconditionally despite the colors of their eyes.Â. When you picture a blue-eyed dog, chances are the beautiful Siberian Husky comes to mind and with good reason. In honor of this unique canine trait, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite blue-eyed breeds. So, what does all this have to do with being blue-eyed? Canines born with large patches of white on the facial area, particularly around the eyes, will often have blue eyes as a result of the distinct lack of pigmentation in that region. Rottweilers have been used extensively in both police and military work and, due to their high intelligence and trainability, have been known to excel as therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, and guide dogs. Meet SeQuoi Tenk (or Quoi for short), the incredibly beautiful, chocolate-brown Siberian Husky. One is blue and one is brown. However, few breeds display this unique trait. One of the most recognized breeds of all time, the Dalmatian was originally used to guard horses and carriages. (Blue Nose Pit Bulls are rather rare but are undeniably gorgeous. They actually got their start in the Pyrenees Mountains of Europe. Though just like their Husky cousins, Malamutes can also come with light blue eyes. Dachshunds are much more content next to a warm human rather than down a dark hole on their way to drag out a critter. They are loyal, athletic, confident, and very tolerant with children, making them ideal candidates for family pets. Check it out! The only real health issue associated with a blue eyed dog is an increased sensitivity to bright light and sunlight. Because of the seemingly boundless energy of Australian Shepherds (and mixes), plenty of exercise on a daily basis will be needed. They can also have brown eyes, one eye that is blue and one that is brown, or blue and brown coloring in both eyes.